Partner account
Managing and editing contact details and financial, operational and commercial parameters.
In this section, each partner can edit account information and set parameters on several financial, commercial and operational aspects.


This is the contact information for your main contact that communicates with the HQ of Please ask m. These contact details will not be shared or displayed, so we prefer a mobile phone number and a direct email address.
General information

Business rules

Billing info

We need up-to-date information on billing. This is managed in the first two parts of our screen. Please note that, if billing is not in order, the system could go offline. In the third part of this page, the payment options are displayed. These are payment methods that are available for your clients. You always need to select at least one option. The payment options can be changed on case level by reservation employees.
Billing info


In this section, the email address to which your central reservations email address should be forwarded to is displayed. This is a unique email address. Please share this email address with your IT department and ask them to create the needed forward.
Interface settings

Client output

The processing time is the time window between receiving a new email and the automatically generated outgoing message - it counts in minutes. The number of people that characterize a big group, will prevent the automatically generated outgoing messages from being sent. In case of a big group, every outgoing message needs to be checked. It will also allow you to distinguish different communication flows in the email configurator.
Client output


In this section, you can set the default language in which users see the platform after their first login. Users can select a different language in the my account section.
User language