In the sidebar at the left side of the page, you can find the workflow which is indicated by icons.


On the dashboard page, all cases, including its phase; new, processing, running or future confirmations are displayed.
The number of locations that are available on the dashboard depends on the role that is assigned to your account and the rights that are connected to the role.


In new cases, you can find an overview of all the new cases. On this page, a case can be selected to be opened, inspected and if necessary edited. To improve the search process, filters could be added in order to provide a clear overview.
New cases
A case can be added manually by clicking on 'add case'.


In the overview of 'processing' you can find all cases that are being processed. This means that all cases that are in 'process' require an action. Which specific action is required, is presented in the status of the case.


In 'running cases' you can find an overview of all the cases that are currently running. In the status column, you can see the status of the case. It is also possible to click on the case to view the details. None of the cases in running require any actions.
Running cases

Future confirmations

On this page, you will find all the requests that are confirmed and will take place in the future. The future confirmations page provides an overview of all the confirmed cases that still have to take place. If a case is confirmed, but the date is in de past, then the case can be found in archive.