Manage and add contracts between you and your clients.
In the contracts section, you can create and manage contracts that display the agreements between you and your clients. In the overview you will see all contracts, active and inactive. You can search to adjust an existing contract or add a contract by clicking the 'new contract' button.
Contract overview

Contract information

New contract
  • Company name’ should be unique and recognizable for you and your colleagues.
  • ‘Client number’ should relate to your client number that you use in your financial administration. This field is not mandatory, but very helpful when communicating with the client or your internal finance department.
  • ‘Contract type’ these types can be managed in the partner account. Please contact your supervisor if you need help in understanding the contract types.
  • ‘Payment method’ is a list that is specific for your organization and managed via the partner account. A payment option can be manually changed per reservation. If you miss the desired payment option or if you need help understanding these payment options, please contact your supervisor.
  • Please select a ‘Location’. If the desired location is not in the list, please check with your supervisor if you have proper rights for the desired location. Only one location can be selected per contract.
  • Valid from’ and ‘Valid until’ are mandatory. Outside this time window, a contract can not be selected by the client.
  • All ‘Rates’ that are shown are not mandatory. They provide you the option to select different kinds of discounts.
  • The details of 'the contact person' are for communication purposes on contract level, not specific for individual reservations.
  • 'Domains' are used for recognition by the system and should contain the internet domain of the client, for example, or [email protected].


The ‘notifications’ allow you to (de)select several types of email notifications. Your preference can be changed on a reservation level. They can be edited per language in the email section.

After finalizing the form, three options are provided:

  1. 1.
    Save the contract and go to the overview.
  2. 2.
    Save the contract and create a new one, based on an empty form.
  3. 3.
    Save the contract and create a new one, where it is prefilled with the contract information you just finished.