All emails that do not need active managing.
All emails that are not in your active workload can be found in the archive

Besides the general search option, an email can be found by searching in one of the sub menus:

  • Confirmed: all emails that are confirmed to the client. This includes cases on which the final event date is in the past but also cases with a final event date in the future.
  • Broker: all cases that were managed through a broker, both inside and outside the system.
  • XL group: all finished cases that exceed a certain number of people. This setting can be found in the partner account.
  • Outside m: all cases that are processed outside m that are not from a broker or a big group.
  • Canceled: all cases that were canceled by the client or by your organization.
  • Expired: all cases on which no mandatory reply from the customer was received within the decided time window.
  • No action: all cases that do not require any action from you or the client.
  • Errors: all cases that bounced from your organization’s email server to the system.
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