The overview of all your locations. You can change and add locations here.
In this menu you manage your locations. In the overview, you will see all locations, active and inactive. You can search to adjust an existing location or add a location by clicking the 'new location' button.
  • The Name’ should be unique and recognizable for your colleagues and clients.
  • The ‘Abbreviation’ is a unique three-letter combination on which your colleagues recognize this location. It will be used in client communication as a prefix.
  • The ‘Phone number’ will be visible for clients.
  • The 'E-mail contact' should be left empty when creating a new location. It will be auto-generated after saving the location. It is a unique email address to which your decentralized and therefore location-specific reservation-related emails should be forwarded to. This email address can only be used for this location. Please share this email address with your IT department and ask them to create the needed forward. The other email addresses will be used for notifications.
  • The ‘Number of persons for catering package’ allows you to serve different catering packages for groups.
  • Location type’ allows you to select this location for MICE and/or Hotel. At least one of both options needs to be selected.
  • 'Enable this location' should be used to activate this location or should be left empty if you want to deactivate the location. If deactivated, it will no longer appear in drop-down menus and therefore can not be selected for new proposals. Existing reservations will stay active.
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