When m receives an email, which m thinks doesn't require any actions, this email ends up in the No-action folder.


In 80% of the cases, m or the user do not need to take action seen as the mails are no-intent mails. However, in 20% of the cases, this is not correct and action is required, but m (the AI part) has not assessed this properly and this has to be improved. We can teach m by selecting emails in this No-action box, indicating that they are Intents and register what they are.


If an email does not belong in no-intent, it has to be one of the following options.
  • Internal: colleagues among themselves
  • External: mail from a supplier
  • Change: another location/date etc
  • Confirm: confirmation of the booking
  • Request: also the request from the brokers
  • Cancel: cancellation of the booking
  • Flag: none of the above, but something needs to be done with it
  • Unknown: not a no-Intent, but not clear what it is
  • Question: m has found a question, but can't answer
  • No action:
  • Release:
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